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Jessie's Story

Jessie is an amazing patient who began rehabilitation in mid November 2021.

Jessie became suddenly paralysed and when she arrived she was tetraplegic with no control of her limbs. She had to be carried everywhere which is no joke for a big dog like a boxer.

After seeing specialist consultants in Bristol Veterinary hospital she was diagnosed with ANNPE (Acute non-compressive nucleus pulposus extrusion) and although she was keeping the best side out but you could see she wanted more from life.

It is traumatic for the owners too and not everyone finds the hope to proceed with rehabilitation. We have used a variety of neurological techniques and now she is back up on her feet and walking with minimal support.

The progress has been remarkable and its all down to the backbreaking work of Denise, Jack and the team.
Joanna Williams Jessie's Owner

Treatment was focussed on facilitating the positive neuro function and inhibiting the adverse reactions.

4 weeks later

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